Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract

Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract


Status: in progress

Categorization: habitat and biodiversity, cultural heritage, local development, water quality

Country: Italy

Period: /

Contact info

Name: Parco Regionale Riviera di Ulisse

Organization: Ente Parco Regionale Riviera di Ulisse

Email: parcorivieradiulisse@regione.lazio.it

Contact address: https://www.contrattodicostaulisse.it


Summary description: The Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract process started in September 2019 promoted by Ente Parco Riviera di Ulisse. The process aimed at discussing the main topics (Water quality; Hydraulic Defense Soil Defense; Environmental enhancement and re-naturalization; Enhancement of the Landscape; Promotion and Development of the Territory) with local stakeholders (private and public) in order to build a common knowledge and a strategy for the sustainable integrated management of the coastal area. In accordance with the guidelines released by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the Coast Contract process followed the phases: i) subscription of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) listing the reasons for starting the process and the preliminary objectives; ii) development of a Context Analysis on environmental, social and economic aspects; iii) drafting of a Strategic Document defining the medium-long term scenario; iv) definition of an Action Program with a limited time horizon (10 years) listing for each action: objectives, commitments of the involved stakeholders, timing, and financial resources; v) subscription of a legal-binding commitment (Contract) formalising the decisions shared during the participatory process.

Type: other

EU Challenges for sustainable tourism: (i) preserving and giving value to natural and cultural heritage and diversity, (iii) enhancing local community prosperity and quality of life, (v) limiting the environmental impact of tourism-related transport, (viii) mitigating and adapting to climate change, further challenges

EU Principles: (i) taking a holistic and integrated approach (economic, social and environmental aspects), (ii) planning for the long term, (iii) involving stakeholders, (iv) multilevel governance, (v) promoting awareness and commitment

Reason of interest for COASTING: The Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract is a good practice for the application of the Environmental Contract tool in a coastal area.

Financial information

Budget: 152,343.83 €

Financial sources: The Lazio Region funded the starting of the governance process. The action included in the First Action Program foresee structural and non-structural activities already funded or with resources to be founded (private funds, EU funds, National or regional funds).

Background information

Territorial context: The territory affected by this agreement is that of the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta and the mouth of the Garigliano river, and the Municipalities of Formia, Fondi, Gaeta, Itri, Minturno, Sperlonga and the Riviera di Ulisse, Aurunci and Roccamonfina Regional Parks. The coast extends for over 56 km and represents a vast and heterogeneous area that affects the territory of the province of Latina with 6 coastal municipalities, Fondi, Sperlonga, Itri, Gaeta, Formia, Minturno, and 1 inland municipalities (Spigno Saturnia). The coastal territory, of great environmental value that extends from the coast of Fondi nel Golfo through the Gulf of Gaeta to the mouth of the Garigliano River, has sandy stretches, such as the still intact dune of Capratica, alternating with rocky stretches such as the cliffs between Monte Orlando and Sperlonga. The variety and richness of the coast is matched by its hinterland, where the catchment basin of the Aurunci and Ausoni Mountains feeds the rich plethora of waterways that plow through the wide plains of Fondi and Garigliano and the hill systems of the Gulf of

Relation to policies and strategies: Linee guida Piano dei Porti (Regione Lazio) Piano di Stralcio di Assetto Idrogeologico Piano di Tutela delle Acque Regionale Piano Regionale di Utilizzazione delle Aree del Demanio Marittimo Programma generale per la difesa e la ricostruzione dei litorali (Regione Lazio) Piano del Parco Regionale Riviera di Ulisse Piano Territoriale Provinciale Generale (Provincia di Latina) Piano Turistico Triennale (Regione Lazio) Piano Territoriale Paesistico (Provincia di Latina) Piano Territoriale Paesaggistico Regionale (Regione Lazio) Rete ecologica della Provincia di Latina

Regulation framework: Italy and Lazio Region already have a regulatory framework for Environmental Contracts (River/Lake/Wetland). Lazio Region will integrate the MPA Contract into this framework. Specifically, the main regulations concerning the Environmental Contracts are: • National Charter of River Contracts (2010) • National Environmental Code art. 68-bis • Regional Stability Law 17/2016, which formally adopted the River Contracts with article 3 paragraphs 95 and 96.

Specific information

Objectives: - Water quality; - Hydraulic Defense Soil Defense; - Environmental enhancement and re-naturalization; - Enhancement of the Landscape; - Promotion and Development of the Territory;

Developers (and governance): The coordinator of the Coast Contract is the Ente Parco Regionale Riviera di Ulisse

Beneficiaries: Local communities, tourists.

Innovation aspects: Multilevel and multistakeholder approach

Actions: The Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract process includes a series of participatory activities involving key stakeholders that led to the definition of the Action Plan 2020-2030. The Action plan includes five thematic lines on which the project sheets were developed: Sustainable tourism, Territory, coast and river, Climate change and plastic-free, Paths of Europe, Gender equality.

Stakeholders involvement: Ente Parco regionale Riviera di Ulisse • Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le Province di Frosinone e Latina • Provincia di Latina • Acqualatina • Consorzio di Bonifica dell’Agro Pontino • Consorzio sviluppo Industriale Sud Pontino • Comune di Fondi • Comune di Sperlonga • Comune di Itri • Comune di Gaeta • Comune di Formia • Comune di Minturno • CGIL • Federlazio • UNPLI Lazio • Proloco di Itri • Lega Ambiente Sud Pontino • Italia Nostra Golfo di Gaeta • Lega Navale Gaeta • Lega Navale Formia • Lega Navale Scauri • Porto di Sperlonga srl • CCIAA Azienda del Mare Latina • FLAG Mar Tirreno • Club Unesco Latina • Club Nautico Gaeta • Associazione Gli Equilibri Naturali • Associazione Lestrigonia • Centro Culturale Ambientale Lega Navale Italiana • WWF Litorale Laziale • Sperlonga Diving Center • Fare Verde Formia • Associazione Italiana Cultura Elettronica Castelforte • Associazione Linea Gustav Fronte Garigliano • Comitato Luigi Giura

Results achieved: The formal Agreement of the Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract (Accordo di Programmazione Negoziata) was signed on 23rd February 2022.

Potential for learning and transfer

Challenges and obstacles: N/A

Success factors: Active involvement of key stakeholders.

Transferability in COASTING project: The Riviera di Ulisse Coast Contract is a best practice for touristic and environmental governance capable of delivering a multi-level, integrated strategic vision for the sustainable development of coastal landscapes.