TUNE UP Project: Memorandum of Understanding for the Marine Protected Area of Sazan – Karaburuni

TUNE UP Project: Memorandum of Understanding for the Marine Protected Area of Sazan – Karaburuni


Status: in progress

Categorization: habitat and biodiversity

Country: Albania

Period: /

Contact info

Name: Elvana Ramaj

Organization: Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania

Email: Elvana.ramaj@turizmi.gov.al



Summary description: The involvement and active participation of local government structures: Prefect of Vlora city (in the same time the Head of Management Committee of Karaburun-Sazan MPA), Municipality and mayor of Vlora and District Council.

Type: project


EU Principles: (iii) involving stakeholders, (iv) multilevel governance

Reason of interest for COASTING: Since 2017, after the approval of the new national legal framework (Law of Protected Areas of 41/2017), in order to ensure the active participation and commitment of local government structures, it is introduced the revised membership of the management committees (MC) of the Protected Areas, to be Chaired by the Prefect of the city (area) covered by individual MPAs. With the official constitution of management Committees (as foreseen by the order of Minister of Environment) of the MC of Karaburun-Sazan MPA this committee which meets at least twice yearly is becoming a very important for a and voice for the MPA management. The commitment and active participation in these regular meetings of high level representation of Municipality officials (including the Mayor) is looking promising as it starting to show greater involvement of local government high level officials in the process of MPA Karaburun - Sazan Integrated management.

Financial information

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Background information

Territorial context: The Marine Protected Area of Sazan – Karaburuni is home to a vast array of landforms, including mountains, caves, islands, depressions, bays, cliffs, canyons and rocky coasts, all contributing to an exceptionally considerable biological diversity and richness in flora and fauna. The area provides as well socio-economic values: Artisanal fisheries, tourism, and beaches - cultural and historical values: Archaeological and historical remains, caves with historical scripts, and Historical military remnants. The whole area displays highest biodiversity values in the country for its diversity of habitats & its richness in flora and fauna species. Except for wetlands, coastal area is mainly rocky with important calcareous limestone cliffs covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation in some places & locally along the coast, pocket beaches of pebbles and sand. The underwater landscape is of exceptional quality with cliffs, submarine caves and associated fauna and flora, and in some places archaeological remains. Impressive part of Albanian coast for development of nautical activities as sc

Relation to policies and strategies: The progress with the Protected Areas management effectiveness is one of the objectives set up in the goals defined at the Document of Strategic Policies on Biodiversity protection. It is also in line with the strategic framework for biodiversity for 2011-2020 of the CBD as well as Aichi 11 target related to protected areas.

Regulation framework: NA

Specific information

Objectives: Biodiversity protection at Karaburun - Sazan MPA, through the integrated management of the protected area.

Developers (and governance): Ministry of tourism and Environment of Albania

Beneficiaries: Vlora County of south-western Albania, in the Ionian Sea.

Innovation aspects: New membership and formula of management committee of K-S MPA introduced and in force

Actions: Management effectiveness of K-S MPA improved by the means of increased involvement and commitment of local government structure.

Stakeholders involvement: Below is given a list of the main actors for the entities (Administrations, NGO, etc.) directly involved in the management of the pilot Marine Protected Area: • Ministry of Tourism and Environment • National Agency for Protected Areas • Regional Agency for Protected Areas Vlora district • Vlora municipality • Orikumi administrative unit • Organization of fishing management of Vlora • Local NGOs (SEEP, Flag Pine) • Vlora University MTE as the Government body in charge of policy making is responsible for the national legal framework on Protected Areas in general, including MPAs. NAPA and RAPA of Vlora district is responsible for the administration of the site as well as serving as Secretary to the management committee for the area. The involvement of these stakeholders is achieved through the Management Committee meetings and training workshops organized in the framework of several projects by MTE and NAP, such as : Tune Up project local events: territorial labs and Local Conferences,

Results achieved: Karaburun-Sazan MPA management effectiveness improved Involvement and real contribution of local government high level officials ensured. Conservation of biodiversity in K-S MPA area improved.

Potential for learning and transfer

Challenges and obstacles: COVID-19 restrictions in place in the country since March 2020 limits the number of participants Lack of financial resources needed for the implementation of all management activities of Management Plan of Karaburun-Sazan MPA.


Transferability in COASTING project: The very active participation and commitment of Vlora Prefect Mr. Flamur Mamaj, is an excellent example to be potentially replicated in other costal protected areas. Also the engagement of Municipality (and the mayor) in major issues of MPA management like waste management, which is an obligation of the Municipality according to the national legal framework, is looking promising in terms of improving the situation in an MPA that faces challenges of waste management especially during the summer months.